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Market research and marketing consulting in Italy since 1988

Market research

Marketing consulting

Mission and philosophy

Cercom was created to fill the demand for market intelligence and strategic planning of foreign Clients in Italy.

Our mission is to overcome problems, create competitive advantage and identify marketing opportunities.

Our goal is to deliver flexible and cost effective solutions to meet the individual needs of each Client.

Our aim is always to help clients to achieve a superior position in the Italian marketplace, providing a competitive advantage through our multidisciplinary consulting services.

In other terms we generate strategies and ideas, in order to help you make the best decisions for your brand/service, always with clear marketing solutions based on the data.

Our philosophy: we work closely with clients to develop each project, from the initial brief through to delivery of results, in order

  • to ensure that we meet their needs, goals and objectives;
  • to create and deliver essential advantage in any situation;
  • to ensure that our experience is translated into tangible results;
  • to provide clear and specific results in the form of deliverables.

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